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Hey guys :) My name is Rani Berry and I'm a Sophomore Biology Major here at Siena :). Coming all the way from California, I'm so glad Siena has become a home away from home, I love it here, and I hope to share some of my favorite memories and experiences with you :)

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Anonymous said: Is it hard coming from CA and adjusting to NY?

Hey :)

So I honestly thought it WOULD be really really hard to adjust, but i actually didn’t find it too bad.  I think it honestly comes down to the friends that you meet and if they keep you happy, then you don’t miss home :)

The hardest part about the move though, was definitely the weather.  It was hard to change from wearing shorts and flip flops.. to gloves and north faces.

But when it comes right down to it, Siena is BEAUTIFUL in the winter with all the snow, and that plus my friends has made the move more than worth it :)