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Hey guys :) My name is Rani Berry and I'm a Sophomore Biology Major here at Siena :). Coming all the way from California, I'm so glad Siena has become a home away from home, I love it here, and I hope to share some of my favorite memories and experiences with you :)

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Anonymous said: do you have straight medical programme and tell me about its admissions and the procedure.

Hey :) 

Yess we do have a straight medical program in conjunction with Albany Medical College, and in fact if you have any questions about the experience ( which is an amazing one so far), feel free to ask me, because I’m a Junior in the program right now :).  

Every year they accept between 12-14 students who have excelled academically and especially those who have a passion for service.

Students must have a minimum SAT of 1950 (minimum of 1300 in critical reading and math) or an ACT composite of 30+ and rank in the top 10 percent of their graduating class. Once these threshold values are met the committee focuses on assessing the candidates’ strengths in the following areas:

               • Scholarship
               • Leadership
               • Communication Skills
               • Commitment to Service
               • Potential Contributions to the Siena College Community

If you meet the initial requirements, then from your application the committee selects a group of students for an interview and after that you will receive your final admission decision.  

I think for any other specific information Siena admissions would be the best people to ask, but if you have any questions about the program and the experiences please let me know! :)